Linux System Call Table

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Linux System Call Table

Linux System Call Table - Quick Reference

General Class Specific Class System Call
File Structure Related Calls Create/Open/Close a Channel create(), open(), close()
Input/Output read(), write()
Read/Write multiple file to single buffer readv(), writev(), openv()
Random access File lseak()
Channel Duplication dub()
Aliasing and Removing Files link(), unlink()
File Status stat(), fstat()
Access Control access(), chmod(), umask()
Device Control ioctl()
Aliasing and Removing link()
Process Related Calls Process Creation and Termination exec(), fork(), wait(), exit()
Process Owner and Group getuid(), geteuid(), getgid(), getegid()
Process Identity getpid(), getppid
Process Control signal(), kill(), alarm()
Change Working directory chdir()
Interprocess Communication Pipelines pipe(), msgget(), msgsnd(), msgrcv(), msgctl
Semaphores semget(), semop()
Shared Memory shmget(), shmat(), shmdt(), shmctl()
Memory Management Dynamically alocates memory malloc()
Reserve space for dynamic arrays calloc()
Allocate memory that is automatically freed alloca()
Frees the memory space free()
Change data segment size brk(), sbrk()
Map files or devices into memory mmap()
Unmap files or devices into memory munmap()
Give advice about use of memory madvise()

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